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    CAS No.:14657-64-8
    Molecular formula:C9H11O4P
    Molecular weight:214.16
    English name:3-(hydroxyphenylphosphinyl)-propanoic acid
    Application: permanent flame retardant for polyester, textile, etc.

    Product technical indicators:
    1. Appearance: white crystal
    2. Melting point (DSC):155-162℃
    3. Acid value (mgKOH / g):524±4
    4. Moisture (%):≤0.1
    5. Phosphorus content (%):14.0±0.5

    Product features:
    The flame retardant of polyester (PET) fiber is mainly used to add flame retardant or react the flame retardant into the molecular structure to play the role of flame retardant. Additive halogen-free flame retardants can not effectively adhere to polyester Polyester fiber yarn, so the flame retardant effect is generally poor, or the flame retardant effect can not be durable, and does not have permanent flame retardant function; and TC-PHA phosphorus flame retardant is a reactive halogen-free flame retardant, its principle is Through copolymerization with terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (EG), a permanent flame-retardant polyester polyester chip is synthesized. Because TC-PHA participates in the polymerization reaction and forms a large molecular structure, the resistance obtained by this product Flame-retardant polyester chips have good spinnability and permanent flame retardancy; the flame retardant element phosphorus content of this product is high (14.5%), and the flame retardant effect is good. When synthesizing flame-retardant polyester, add 4-5% (weight (%) Polyester fiber chips made of TC-PHA flame retardant, the oxygen index can reach 32-33%; good reactivity, can obtain high molecular weight polyester chips; non-toxic and odorless, with high thermal stability, Oxidation stability and water resistance. This product is especially suitable for polyester chip manufacturers to produce high quality flame retardant polyester chips.


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